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Always make a difference

”Always make a difference” – an ideal target, a common objective and a high ambition. Nothing is impossible, and we know we can make a difference for our customers, suppliers and partners. This is a vision to embrace in everyday life. Let it be an inspiration – to spread joy, find new ways to be eco-friendly and to discover how we can do things even better. It’s satisfying to know that in your everyday life and at work, you can make a difference for the better.


Business idea

Guided by curiosity and experience, we offer products and services in close cooperation with our customers.

Curiosity - We are innovative, progressive and solution-oriented – and have the ambition to always do better.
Experience - The fact that the mills have existed for over 100 years makes it impossible to exaggerate our accumulated skills and experience.
We know what it takes to be successful over time.
Close cooperation - Close means understanding the customer’s market and challenges. Also, close implies good relationships, the exchange of knowledge and excellent collaboration.
Customers - Our current and future customers, here or on the other side of the planet.

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